Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Holi; the festival of colors to welcome spring

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This spring festival of Hindus has gone a long distance from India to other corners of the world that is accepted and celebrated by non-Hindus also. Though Holi is a festival to commemorate spring, there are two legends from the Hindu epics that led to its celebration. Though it is a single day celebration, kids play Holi for about one week with the Pichkari (water guns) and water filled balloons, spraying and throwing.

According to one of the legends, Holi is the celebration of the victory of good over the evil. The demon King Hiranyakashipu was killed by the Supreme God Vishnu after his unfaltering torture to his own son Prahlada. Holika is a bonfire set on Holi eve to mark this legend.

Another legend is based on the love between Radha and Krishna. It is said that as Radha was fair, Krishna wanted to color her face as that of his. After dabbing colors, they became couple and thus Holi became a festival of colors. Holi colors fill the markets one week prior to its arrival and people buy them in bulk quantities to engage in the color festivities. Holi is a festival of harmony of relationships. Families and friends altogether sprinkle and dab colors upon each other, spray water, sing and dance. Holi ushers spring in each and every heart as the season of spring arrives.

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