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Maldives; A tourist’s paradise in Indian Ocean

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The very thought of Maldives brings the turquoise blue sea in our minds, isn’t it? Though I’ve not visited this paradise actually, travel articles and video clips on these islands really drift me there unknowingly. Some classic resorts raised on the sea shores of Maldives disclosed the natural sea beauty with their remarkable ventures. These attracted tourists from all parts of the world to lure the various attractions of marine life coupled with some water world activities in Maldives.

Maldives is fragmented into tiny atolls of archipelago in the Indian Ocean. These atolls are sea treasures where different forms of marine lives can be observed. Corals, sharks, mantas and several species of fishes form the atolls that can be seen from diving sites. Beaches, white sands, lagoons fringed with palm trees welcome the nature lovers to be in its tranquil lap away from the noisy city life.

The capital of Maldives, Male atoll lies near to the international airport. South Male and North Male atolls together form Male of which North Male atoll is its heart of delight. Several diving sites to explore underwater mysteries and cruising facilities with charter boats across breakwaters in the sea are the unique attractions of this atoll.

It was easier for traders to access Maldives situated in Indian Ocean in the past. The influence of business people from Asia, Middle East and Africa has left a remarkable stamp in the culture and traditions of Maldives. The various holiday packages of resorts of these islands are in high demand today due to the all-time favorite climate experienced in the low-lying sea and lands.

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