Friday, June 26, 2015

The art of Mehndi designing

Mehndi hands Image credit: By Sameer Goyal, CC-BY via flickr
Mehndi designing in hands is a feminine art originated in India. Mehndi is available in readymade cones in shops and you can put various designs in your hands if you know the art of Mehndi.

Earlier, women used to grind henna leaves and put various designs using a thin stick in their hands. Good henna leaves would produce dark red color after their removal. Later, Mehndi (a combination of henna, eucalyptus oil and some other natural products) was marketed in large scale and became available in present day cones.

The intricate designs put by North Indians during weddings and festivals are highly demanding. Mehndi artists fill the hands with lovely designs within 10-15 minutes.

Herein Mumbai, Mehndi artists can be seen plenty sitting on the sideways of streets and stalls. They won’t charge much as they come from villages to start a living in Mumbai.

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